Are you Sitting Pretty with the Nine of Cups?

October 19, 2021

Message: NINE of CUPS presents us with a challenge. It is asking us to sit still and take stock; to evaluate what is really going on, and to only take action when you are good and ready.

Symbols to Look for:
✔️ Red Hat/Red Stockings: Will and passion, love or jealousy
✔️ Cups: Spiritual riches
✔️ Folded Arms: Sign of anticipation, preparedness, and patience, OR, a mere onlooker who does not get involved
✔️ Spread Legs: Sign of openness
✔️ White Robe: Stands for beginnings and/or for completion

What to think about:
✔️ ‘Sitting pretty’ keeps you inactive
✔️ Get to know each of the nine cups behind you and accept them
✔️ Take account of your spiritual needs
✔️ Do not stop growing by resting on your laurels

Summary: Don’t spend too much time ‘sitting pretty’ with the Nine of Cups. Figure out how you want to spend your time and talents, and be the alchemist to reach for the Ten of Cups.

Blessed Be 💜