Channel your inner Magician

November 9, 2021

Message: The Magician card encourages us to acknowledge that there is a force and power to be used in our life.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Wand: You have the magic in your hand, use it
✔️ Infinity Sign: Be aware of the forces of the universe
✔️ Red and White Robes: Energy and purity are ready for action
✔️ Snake Belt: Ability to shed skin and start again
✔️ White lilies and red roses: Purity and desire
✔️ Wand, cup, sword and pentacle: Tools of magic (mind, heart, spirit and talent)
✔️ Table with markings: Old workbench representing inheritance from the past

What to think about:
🔮 The universe supports you to discover your own magic
🔮 Bring your thoughts, talents and deeds together
🔮 Commit to ongoing renewal

Summary: You have the potential to create what you want. The tools of thoughts, feelings, talents and spirit have been provided to you. Put them to good use.