May the energy of the Fool help you embark on a new adventure!

June 28, 2022

Message: The 7 of Cups encourages us to not to be overwhelmed by the many choices before us. Keeping our goals practical and achievable helps us stay grounded and move us forward in the direction of our dreams.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ The black figure: Come to terms with the shadows of the past in order to be able to reach one’s goals
✔️ Clouds: Determine what is one’s own and not an illusion
✔️ Curly-haired head: Invites us to face ourselves and accept ourselves as one is
✔️ Castle/tower: Protection, home, security, safe and sound
✔️ Treasure/jewelry: Inner and outer riches
✔️ Crown of laurels: A sign of victory, render one’s own life useful
✔️ Snake: Sly patterns of behaviour but also a symbol of wisdom, transformation
✔️ Shrouded figure: The enigma and mystery which resides in every person

What to think about:
🔮 I see fantastic possibilities open up in front of me, and with a cool head I examine them closely
🔮 I evaluate my experiences as I grow into spiritual maturity
🔮 I draw my limits and achieve my aims

Summary: The path forward, sometimes is not obvious. Learning to see what wishes serve your highest good and happiness, and not the other way around is the goal and disciple of wish fulfillment.