Discover who you really are with the High Priestess

June 14, 2022

Message: The High Priestess invites us to own the knowledge we have and to use it wisely.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ The curtain: The work of the soul takes place on the inner screen onto which our inner images and dreams are projected
✔️ Palm trees/pomegranate: Male and female sexual energies
✔️ Moon Crown: The three phases of the moon and the Goddess – maiden, mother and crone
✔️ The scroll: The script for the course of one’s own life
✔️ Great waters: Oceans of feelings and learnings about the ebb and flow of life
✔️ The cross: Where the soul gathers impressions, sorts them and generates personal opinions and inner values

What to think about:
🔮 I will take heed of what my inner voice is telling me
🔮 I establish my own opinions and live by them
🔮 I take the space I need to learn how to open up to the wider world and apply my wisdom

Summary: The High Priestess reminds us to take time out for inner growth and knowledge. Making a wise decision sometimes takes time and deep reflection. Our inner knowing will always guide the way forward.