Down and out? Not really!

May 3, 2022

Message: The 10 of Swords encourages us to stay positive about a blessing coming our way, through the dramatic ending of an event.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Red cloth: The flow of lifeblood in a person as well as from generation to generation
✔️ Black and yellow: Strong contrast between black and yellow indicate massive problems or tensions waiting to be or have just been addressed
✔️ Person being nailed down: The weapons of the intellect often nail us down.
✔️ Sign of blessing: A blessing is coming
✔️ Water’s Edge: At times of disaster or collapse we need the spiritual water of life

What to think about:
🔮 As hard as a situation is right now, hold on to a blessing that is coming your way
🔮 Realize the event, and trust it leads to a new beautiful beginning
🔮 All is not lost

Summary: The 10 of Swords encourages us to learn from our mistakes, and begin a new cycle. When we learn from trauma, from the progression through pain, and our handling of the hurts, we are ready to move forward.