Full steam ahead with the 6 of Wands

January 4, 2022

Message: Be confident in your ability to achieve your goals this year. Victory is assured.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Person on the horse: A commander, leader, victor
✔️ Gray horse: Great vital strength and liveliness
✔️ Visible rank and file: Conscious support from others
✔️ Invisible rank and file: A shadowy part of the will that avoids making decisions and just lets things happen
✔️ Two crowns of laurels: A wreath of victory and to commemorate the dead
✔️ Ring riding: Union of the feminine and masculine
✔️ Green blanket on the horse: Something in motion that is still very green
✔️ Red and yellow clothing: Will, passion, cool head, wisdom and enlightenment

What to think about:
🔮 Success depends on good teamwork to coordinate various interests
🔮 Pay due respect to people who support you
🔮 Take on leadership and responsibility
🔮 Come out of your shell, show yourself with your strengths and your weaknesses, in love and sexuality too

Summary: You will be successful when you get various factors in your life involved. Now is the time to mobilize all of the forces at your disposal. This is a full steam ahead time for you!