Grab the Ace of Swords

January 25, 2022

Message: It is very important to be able to learn how to recognize a problem and how to resolve it – right now! Dealing with a problem or issue in its early stages can result in it being contained and resolved. It’s time to take action!

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Sword: recognize and master the use of the sword to take swift action, grasp it, handle it and let your intellect shine
✔️ Hand emerging from the cloud: the universe is giving you a gift of clarity; accept it and make something of it
✔️ Six drops of gold: six drops of grace
✔️ Golden crown: we see a four-point crown, the tip of the sword makes five, the fifth power of Spirit which heals the situation we are going through
✔️ Green twigs: respect for and appreciation of our natural resources and talents

What to think about:
🔮What action do you need to take that would make you feel strong and free?
🔮The sword can be a great hazard or it can be the crown of creation, the choice is yours how you will deal with it
🔮Stand tall and allow yourself to benefit from a new clarity.

Summary: The Ace of Swords symbolizes mental independence. It calls us forth to take action and to trust that we will be victorious in whatever action we take. Give yourself the gift of clarity and you will not regret it.