It’s all about feeling and flowing with the ACE OF CUPS

February 8, 2022

Message: The essential thing about the Ace of Cups is feeling and flowing. The key notion is soul. The Ace provides a way for your soul to connect to the divine. It’s all yours!

Symbols to look for:
✔️ 26 drops of water: These represent divine grace
✔️ The white dove: The Holy Spirit, the Divine
✔️ Wafer: Sometimes called the host in communion, this connects us to the Divine
✔️ Water lily/lotus: Beauty, purity, enlightenment
✔️ 5 jets of water: Touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing
✔️ The cup: A gift of love from the Universe

What to think about:
🔮 Clear the murky waters in your life so you can receive love
🔮 You are a gift for yourself and for the world
🔮 Connect to all the senses
🔮 Embrace the love that is all around you

Summary: The Ace of Cups symbolizes a gift of love from the Universe. When we accept the gift of love, we open ourselves to walk the path with heart and we are free to give and receive all the love around us.