It’s all about love with The Empress

November 2, 2021

Message: The Empress card encourages us to experience creativity, love in abundance and all good things to the fullest.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Orange Cushion: Honour your courage
✔️ Ripening Corn: Celebrate the harvest abundance
✔️ Venus Symbol: See love everywhere
✔️ Crown of Stars: You are crowned with divinity
✔️ Necklace of Pearls: Honour your pearls of wisdom
✔️ World Wand: You are in command of your life
✔️ Waterfall and River: The river is connected with its source and at the same time it flows and falls.

What to think about:
🔮 Open your heart to love
🔮 Think about all the courageous acts you have engaged in
🔮 Have compassion for yourself and others
🔮 Treat yourself to GRANDMOTHER energy

Summary: The Empress helps us apply the Law of Love in our life. Let people close to you notice a change in you as your aura takes on a softer tone. Where you might have judged people in the past, you now accept and understand different needs.