It’s time to hang back and chill out!

May 17, 2022

Message: The Hanged Man encourages us to surrender and accept a situation before we proceed ahead.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ The height: The hanged person has a definite point of view – which is based not on the earthly perspective, but the heavenly one
✔️ The hanging: Take a break from time to time, chill out and hang around
✔️ Radiant crown: The halo is a symbol for enlightened ones or saints
✔️ The cord around the right foot: The right leg is the conscious side. It is a matter of passion and belief to which we consciously devote ourselves.

What to think about: 
🔮 I will chill out and look at something from a different perspective
🔮 When I surrender I allow myself acceptance of a difficult situation
🔮 I focus on my higher self at this time

Summary: I am able to free myself from having situations rule me. When I focus on my higher self I am in control of my own life.