It’s time to let go of tiptoeing behaviour

February 22, 2022

Message: The 7 of Swords invites us to not tiptoe around issues. It encourages us to embrace change and trust the future will be just fine.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Two swords: You leave something behind that is important to you
✔️ The figure’s pose: Running ahead and glancing back, a sign of inner conflict
✔️ On tiptoe: Warning against stealth and surprises that come soft of foot
✔️ The tents: Life keeps moving, even during change, feel at home wherever one may be
✔️ Group of people: We spend a lot of time arguing with others because we lack the courage to live our dreams
✔️ Red shoes/red hat: Will, passion, and lifeblood

What to think about:
🔮 Am I engaged in any sneaky behaviour that I need to correct?
🔮 Is someone in my life engaged in sneaky behaviour that is affecting me?
🔮 Am I cautiously looking behind me and regretting a decision I made about the future?
🔮 I fully claim my right to move forward without tiptoeing around

Summary: The 7 of Swords, reminds us to face forward when we are making changes. Ultimately we need to trust we have the will to manifest the life we desire. When we tiptoe and keep looking over our shoulder we are not trusting the universal plan for our life.