It’s Time to Put on Your Angel Wings! 🦋

January 18, 2022

Message: The Temperance Card invites us to awaken the angel within us, our higher self, so we can bring our great potential to fruition.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Angel: represents our highest self
✔️ The Breastplate and amulet: the triangle stands for femininity and the square for masculinity
✔️ The cups with water flowing between them: achieving the right state of tension and balance of opposites
✔️ The lengthy path: the right tasks in life which we bring to a favourable conclusion
✔️ Blue mountains: symbol for the marriage of heaven and earth, the mystery of unification
✔️ Sun disk on forehead/third eye: the personal will and the will of fate come together, great things are possible
✔️ Angel wings: new possibilities are always there, there is no end in sight

What to think about:
🔮 Work to balance the conditions of your life
🔮 Don’t let one part of your life dominate the other
🔮 Be open to seeing things from a higher perspective
🔮 Allow for new beginnings

Summary: The Temperance Card is a reminder to balance the many aspects of our life so we can attain true happiness on our life path. Putting on our ‘angel wings’ gives us the strength to see things from a higher perspective and allows us to do the work of uniting both our heavenly and earthly natures.