It’s time to receive a cup of love

April 5, 2022

Message: The 2 of Cups represents a union, a coming together of forces as in a partnership or a joining of two energies creating peace and harmony.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ The winged lion’s head: A protective shield which lends wings and releases a huge amount of energy
✔️ Staff of Hermes: Stands for the link between drive and intellect
✔️ Laurels or crowns on the head: How love can turn routine into a celebration
✔️ House on the hill: The ups and downs of life
✔️ Red shoes: Lifeblood, emotions and passion

What to think about:
🔮 I let my soul spread its wings by doing something for myself
🔮 I will open myself to receive a cup of love
🔮 I recognize the importance of an equal give and take in a relationship
🔮 Above all, I believe in love and the divine source whence it comes

Summary: The 2 of Cups stands for basic love energies and important feelings which may be in conflict with each other or complementary. Learning to hold a balance of giving and receiving is the essence of love.