It’s time to retreat and go within

November 30, 2021

Message: The Hermit card tells us it is time to develop your own spirituality.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Lantern: lighting the way to more spiritual knowledge
✔️ White Beard: wisdom of the ages OR hiding behind something
✔️ The Six-Pointed Star: a sign of the conjunction of two triangles (heaven and earth), the divine light within us
✔️ The golden-yellow stave: this light is the light and strength which everyone brings into the world
✔️ The Snow: do not let part of yourself freeze over

What to think about:
🔮 Take the time to address any problems and get them sorted out
🔮 Think about a daily spiritual practice
🔮 Plan to go on a retreat or pilgrimage
🔮 Continue to learn and grow spiritually

Summary: When the Hermit card appears, it’s time to step back and view things from a new perspective. It calls us to dive deep so we can truly know ourselves at our deepest spiritual truth(s). Only through our spiritual aspirations can we reach our full potential.