Make a firm decision with the Ace of Swords

October 26, 2021

Message: The Ace of Swords tells us we can be victorious and successful if we acknowledge a problem and take action to handle it.

✔️ 6 Drops Of Gold: Divine sparks of grace all around you
✔️ Sword in the Hand from the Cloud: Sword is double-edged, be careful how you wield it
✔️ Golden Crown: Four-pointed crown; the tip of the sword makes 5, which symbolizes the healing powers of spirit
✔️ Twigs: Appreciation and respect for Mother Nature
✔️ Blue-Violet Mountains: Don’t be a ‘stick in the mud,’ be prepared to see the other side
✔️ Mountain Peak: Clarify your aims in life, make a conscious decision which peak you wish to reach

What to think about:
🔮 Where might you be seeking mental clarity right now?
🔮 What is clear or becoming clear?
🔮 Find an opportunity to clarify a previously undefined issue, desire or fear
🔮 Use the sword to take quick action
🔮 Be aware of any hunch or ‘message from beyond’ about a decision you need to make

Summary: The Ace of Swords helps us overcome problems. We can choose to ignore a problem or we can pick up the sword and make a firm decision. The choice is yours.