Put down your swords and see with your heart

December 14, 2021

Message: It’s not worth playing blind man’s buff. Put down your swords and deal with the situation.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Blindfold: lots of mental activity and something you can’t see
✔️ The reach of the swords: a broad mental horizon
✔️ Crossed arms: blocking the heart. All thoughts radiate from here and come back here to roost
✔️ White patch on the forehead: reference to the third eye, the higher insights we achieve when we go within
✔️ Wide waters in the background: surging feelings
✔️Sickle moon: a new beginning

What to think about:
🔮 Begin to see things with the ‘mind’s eye’, by connecting your mind with your spirit
🔮 Don’t put up a smokescreen, dare to explore and look inside yourself, go beyond the obvious
🔮 Practice perceiving the unknown and the unconscious in oneself and in others, and be tolerant of differentness
🔮 Follow the path of the heart

Summary: Sometimes we get in a cycle where we are angry and defended and we don’t see all sides of our reality. This card encourages us to put down our swords, deal with our rich emotional life and see clearly with our heart and our third eye, sometimes referred to as our higher conscious self.