See things from a new perspective with The Hanged One

November 23, 2021

Message: The Hanged One invites you to surrender control in a situation to see a new and improved perspective.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Hanging upside down: Take a break from time to time (chill out)
✔️ Radiant aura or halo: Symbol for the enlightened one’s (and yes you can become one also)
✔️ Cord around the right foot: Our conscious side, our passion, and belief to which we consciously devote ourselves
✔️ Figure’s position: Body is in the form of a T/cross, a sign for ‘break’ as well as for ‘dead-end’

What to think about:
🔮 When you reach a dead-end, can you accept it and see it from a new perspective?
🔮 Examine your ‘hang-ups’ and make necessary changes
🔮 Free yourself from having a situation rule you

Summary: Coming to terms with the reality of a problem, obstacle, or situation is painful. However…when we accept and surrender, a new path often presents itself. Don’t hold on tightly to things you cannot change.