Rise up to the new you with the Judgement card

April 26, 2022

Message: The day of Judgement is today. It’s time to wake up and mobilize all your energies.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Coffins: Skeletons in cupboards thrown out
✔️ Trumpet with seven stripes: Awakens sleeping energies in the seven chakra points
✔️ Orange and red cross: Connection, unification
✔️ Angel: Your power of motivation to wake up and transform your life
✔️ Six people: Masculine, feminine, inner child aspects of the self and three mirror images of the same
✔️ Nudity: Face up to the naked truth
✔️ Blue, white mountains: New beginning

What to think about:
🔮 I give myself permission to bury what is dead properly
🔮 I am open to receiving the dawn of what is to come

Summary: Springtime is the perfect time to leave the past behind and accept life and the universal forces within life that are trying to connect with you. Today is the day to rise up and show your power.