Stay Grounded With the King of Pentacles!

October 12, 2021


I love pulling the King 👑 of Pentacles card. It is just perfect for our post-thanksgiving long weekend in Canada.

Message: Be aware of your priceless value

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Pose/position: pose displays openness and contentment
✔️ Grapes: sublime enjoyment; harvest time, abundance
✔️ Castle: protection and security
✔️ Bull: patient hard work and an old symbol representing Mother Earth
✔️ Black on the throne: difficulty with some issues as yet to be addressed
✔️ Armoured boot: fought and won many battles
✔️ Armadillo: adversity is under control
✔️ Crown: victory beneath a canopy of roses and lilies, representing aspirations

What to think about:
🪄 Have your material day-to-day life under control
🪄 Focus on the specific talents that can help you achieve your goals
🪄 You are your own capital and harvest
🪄 Stay grounded

The King of Pentacles has fought and won many battles. He has learned to sit back and enjoy his success while he gets ready to move again in the direction of his goals, dreams, and mission.

Blessed Be 💜