Taking stock with the 7 of pentacles

March 29, 2022

Message: The 7 of Pentacles invites us to take stock – again and again. Taking stock is a careful, dedicated process of observation and reflection helping us to cultivate and grow.

Symbols to look for:

✔️ The figure’s pose: Waiting, musing, talking stock, ‘what’s the meaning of all this?’
✔️ Distribution of pentacles: How things have been done so far, in the regular way
✔️ Different boots: The old versus the new way of doing things
✔️ The hoe: A tool for creating something new, and finishing something started

What to think about:
🔮 I will take stock of my life so I can achieve mental clarity and reap useful results
🔮 I will motivate myself to keep on going
🔮 I will stay positive and not be afraid to try something new

The 7 of Pentacles encourages us to stay focused, positive and motivated to reach our goal. When we begin to doubt we have made the right choices or feel frustrated because what we are seeking is not becoming a reality, we need to encourage ourselves to keep going.