The Ball is in Your Court!

September 7, 2021

Today I pulled the 2 OF WANDS! This card represents two energies. On the one hand, you may have fixed ideas about what is true for you, on the other, you may be contemplating a new direction.

Sometimes it is confusing when we contemplate a new idea or direction. It is okay to take the time you need – as you contemplate the risk inherent in a desire for something new.

You have the power to transform the energies going thru you right now – the ball is literally in your court. Observe the way things fit together in your world; when you are ready grasp the new wand tightly and create the life you want.

Full disclosure – sometimes I mix up right and left.

Comment below if you catch my slip-up! Does this happen to you?

For all my Jewish Goddess friends Shana Tova to a sweet blessed and healthy year 💜