How to Turn a Negative Experience into a Positive Experience

May 22, 2018

Part of my daily routine is choosing a card from my tarot deck and reflecting on how the card may be a representation of my current state. I’m generally quite happy with the cards I choose, it’s not often that I choose a card that doesn’t speak to me. It would be nice to always choose positive cards, but sometimes a negative card finds it’s way into my hand and I must face the reality of what the card is trying to tell me.

Recently, I pulled a card that I really didn’t like (10 of Swords). I didn’t like the message it was giving me and I didn’t want that negativity in my life, so, I chose to pull a new card and it ended up being a much more positive message. The following day, I pulled a card from the deck and low and behold, it was the 10 of Swords. At that moment I realized that the Universe was trying to send me a message and I couldn’t ignore it.

This card, depicted a person lying flat on the ground with 10 swords in their back. Something had happened in my life recently that this card symbolized so well, I was indeed flat on the ground. I didn’t want to believe the card at first although I knew when I saw it, it was telling me the truth of something I had to face.

During this moment of meditation and journaling, I found the courage to accept what the card was trying to tell me. I could choose to see the card as being negative or I could choose to turn a negative situation into a positive situation. I chose the latter.

Here are my tips for turning a negative experience into a positive experience.

Accept the Truth

The truth will always set you free. Once I accepted the symbolism on the card and thereby accepting my real life situation I was able to focus on what I might need to do in order to move forward.

Draw Inspiration from Your Past

Upon reflection, I decided to think of someone from my past that I drew inspiration from. Someone that could help me shift my situation from one of despair to one of hope.

Enjoy this video where I share two stories from my childhood that helped me move forward from despair and how I was able to learn from the 10 of swords card and eventually felt hope and empowerment from the message it was trying to tell me.