You and the cosmos are one

May 25, 2022

Message: The 9 of Swords encourages us not to be taken down by worry or nightmares.

Symbols to look for:
✔️ Black shadows: Stand for all that is unknown – because it has been suppressed and forgotten or because it is beyond one’s ken, completely new territory
✔️ Hands in front of the face: New knowledge and insights might be coming
✔️ Quilt: Roses on the quilt stand for the beauty and authenticity of the inner self
✔️ Zodiac signs: On the quilt are zodiac signs reminding us we are contained in a whole beautiful cosmos

What to think about:
🔮 I engage in a process of shifting my worry into wonder
🔮 I am open to a new insight as a result of a worry
🔮 I do not allow myself to be disheartened by temporary blockages or difficulties

Summary: While worry may have crept into my consciousness, I remind myself of the beauty of roses. Roses, like me, are meant to bloom and grow. I allow wonder into my life.