You are ready to go in your chariot!

February 15, 2022

Message: You are in control of your life and all you have to do is proceed ahead, everything is ready to go.

Symbols to Look for:
✔️ Sphinxes: Life’s mysteries are always ahead of us
✔️ Chariot of Stone: The cube represents the karma of the space-time which we occupy in this life
✔️ Crown of Stars and canopy of stars: Symbols of liberty and independence as well as one’s personal truth
✔️ Armour: The persona, outer facade
✔️ Magic wand/hiking staff: A sign of preparedness
✔️ Winged sun: Our inner centre
✔️ Lingam and Yoni: Balance of male and female energies

What to Think About:
🔮 It’s time to take control of your life and be in your chariot ready to go
🔮 Become aware of your power and give yourself permission to ‘test’ on the field of life
🔮 You have earned your crown and you are now able to express what you have learned

Summary: The Chariot card reminds us we are the hero/heroine of our journey. We must learn to drive our chariot or destiny and as we do, acknowledge the energy flowing through us comes from a higher source. When we are willing to line up our higher self with our inner drive, we are good to go on an amazing adventure.